Solar System
Free online model of Solar System and Night sky
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Solar System
Free model of Solar System and Night sky
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“Cosmos is a Greek word for the order of the universe. It is, in a way, the opposite of Chaos. It implies the deep interconnectedness of all things. It conveys awe for the intricate and subtle way in which the universe is put together.”
- Carl Sagan

Welcome space explorer!

Solar System Scope is a model of Solar System, Night sky and Outer Space in real time, with accurate positions of objects and lots of interesting facts.
We hope you will have as much fun exploring the universe with our app as do we while making it :)
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It's Free thanks to you

Since its beginning in 2011, Solar System Scope did always have a free version you could play with - and we intend to keep it that way!
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Solar System Scope is available on Platforms:

Online Version

You can find the online version (running directly in browser) on top of this page.
Please note that this version runs only on Desktop computers with enabled WebGL.
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PC or Mac required

Desktop Version

This PC and Mac version has greatly improved graphics, works offline, in fullscreen and therefore faster and more accurately. You can download it for USD 9.80$.
By purchasing you help us develop new features!
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Mobile Version

The mobile version is available for free (with optional in-app purchases) and allows finding constellation directly by pointing your device on the sky.
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We're always trying to improve and add new features both to Solar System Scope Application and Website, as well as listen to your ideas - so together we can make the best Space model ever! :)

Recent Releases

2018 June - Web Release

Added Astronomy Places page

2018 March - Web Release

Added Paper Models page Improved Layout for SkyDiary page

2018 February - Web Release

Added Spacepedia page

2018 January - Web Release

Online Models page functional again

2017 December - App Release

Added manual search

Added nav menu

2017 November - App Release

Added Chinese translation

Improved mobile tracking

Added Music and Sounds

Auto-saving geo-position

2017 September - Web Release

Added SkyDiary page

2017 August - Web Release

Released new Online WebGL model

Solar Site Redesigned

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