Solar System
Free online model of Solar System and Night sky
online model
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Chrome required
to run the online model of solar system,
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Solar System
Free model of Solar System and Night sky
Watch Teaser Get it on Goole Play Get it on iTunes
welcome space explorer
Solar System Scope is a model of Solar System and Night sky in real time, with accurate positions of all objects, lots of interesting facts and more.
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Online Model
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pc or mac required
If you’re using a Desktop computer with Chrome, Solar will run directly in your browser (the application window is on top of this page)
PC and Mac
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pc or mac required
The desktop version of Solar offers the best graphics and most detailed maps. It works offline (after the download and register). it is available for USD 9.80$
Mobile Devices
The mobile version of Solar is available for free on both stores and allows finding constellation directly by pointing your device on the sky (in the Nightsky view)
what’s new
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August 2017
We’ve upgraded our model to a new level: not only does it feature new graphics, mobile friendly controls and a whole new stellar view - it will also enable us to publish new features more frequently!
List of new features:
Greatly enhanced space graphics and effects
Zoom-out enables to see our stellar neighborhood
Added Asteroid and Kuiper belt
Advanced options now available for every view
Improved and simplified controls
coming next
upcoming screenshot 1
upcoming screenshot 1
upcoming screenshot 1
The ISS, Apollo 11 lander and Curiosity rover are just a few of the upcoming updates for Solar System Scope - btw these are actual screenshots from the app!
We’re also preparing:
Online Encyclopedia - with interesting space facts
Virtual Reality app - where you will be able to visit the most famous places in the universe
More views for Solar - like exploring known stars, Milky Way galaxy and more
solar lab
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Join us in the Laboratory

At this very moment, we’re adding new features to our space model - and we would like to implement your ideas!

Check out what's coming and vote for the best Ideas in Solar Lab.

*voting is currently unavailable due to site reconstruction - it will be back very soon.