Download, Print and Assemble your own Paper Planet! :)
Easy : 15 Faces Paper Model
Also called the Icosahedron, this basic paper model is the easiest to assemble, but still requires a lot of skill ! It to should take about 30 min to make.
cutfolds preview (15 faces)
models preview (15 faces)
Advanced : 26 Faces Paper Model
This advanced paper model requires even more skill and a lot of patience, since it could take more than a hour to assemble!
cutfolds preview (26 faces)
models preview (26 faces)
Challenging : 60 Faces Paper Model
This ultimate paper model is recommended for real craftsment only - It will take a lot of patience and more than two hours to assemble!
cutfolds preview (60 faces)
models preview (60 faces)
Good luck!
+ we’re eager to hear about your success - and if you share with us a photo of your paper planet, we will publish it here!
planet scales preview
Scale of Planets

you can print your planet on any paper format, but be sure to check the “fit” options in printing dialog. A planet printed on A4 format will have diameter of about 7cm (2.8inch), A3 format will result in a diameter of about 10cm (4inch)

if you want to assemble a whole set of planets, it might look good to have them a bit scaled (but we do not recommended scaling down A4 format).

To print them the same way as you can see on the picture above, apply these values for the scale parameter in the printing dialog:
Sun 100 % , Mercury 60 % , Venus 75 % , Earth 75 % , Moon 60 % , Mars 65 % , Jupiter 100 % , Saturn 95 % , Uranus 75 % , Neptune 75 %

Saturn’s Ring
saturn's ring preview

You will need to attach the Saturn’s ring to the model of the planet. We recommend two perpendicular sticks that cut through the body of the planet and are glued to the ring.

*the image shows Saturn’s north pole with the sticks colored in red.

Scoring tool

Use a dull blade guided by a ruler for scoring lines to be folded. This will make creasing easier and more precise. You can also use a sharp knife with very light pressure, but it's easy to accidentally cut through the lines.

It might get difficult

Keep in mind that models with more faces look better but are more difficult to assemble and take a lot of time.

The most challenging part is to glue the last edges together. Use a toothpick to spread glue and apply pressure to glued joints.