Image Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

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Observations are described for the NORTHERN hemisphere and can be made by naked eye, small binoculars or by small telescope.

June 2018

Phases of the Moon

Last Quarter:June 6
New Moon:June 13
First Quarter:June 20
Full Moon:June 28

Venus and Jupiter on Evening Sky

Both planets are very easily seen on the evening sky. The brightness of Venus increases from (-3.8) mag to (-4.0) mag towards the end of June, while Jupiter remains at (-2.5) mag.

Mars Observation: Great perihelic opposition 2018

On Mars, the northern autumn and southern spring continue, and the southern hemisphere is strongly tilted towards the Sun (and, of course, also towards the Earth). Its angular diameter increases steadily and reaches 20 arc-seconds on June 25. On June 26, Mars begins the so-called retrograde motion, i.e., for some months before, during and after its opposition it moves toward the west as seen from the Earth. This movement is caused by the fact that the Earth moves faster than the Mars around the Sun and our planet just begins to overtake Mars. On the surface of Mars, the South Polar Cap is now very small and shrinks even more. The new North Polar Cap is not visible, it remains hidden under clouds and mist.

Article by (C) G. Okša